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~Glam Affair~ New Skinline- Rose

Glam Affair is so proud to introduce you to the latest member of our skin line family.

Rose is the prettiest in the garden by far, but not only is she the prettiest...she is the sneakiest. Rose has been being prepared for months to make sure she was perfect for a full line release.  The lovely skin has the following options. 

7   Skin tones - Africa, America, Artic, Asia, Europa, India, Jamaica
12 Makeups plus one clean face (clean face comes with each makeup)
2 Lip Options Tattoos
1 Nose Option Tattoo
5 Eyebrow Shape Options (base)

8  Color brow options plus one no brow option
8  Options of Universal eyebrows that fit any current Glam Affair skin, which includes a white tintable one for each shape.

We sincerely hope you love our latest as much as we do. It was a true joy to work on her and aim to make her the prettiest flower in the Glam Affair garden of beauties.

You can demo her at Glam Affair

Respectfully yours,
Glam Affair Management

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~Glam Affair~ NEW @ Collabor88

Hello lovely people!  

Yesterday a brand new round of Collabor88 opened and we have a beauty to share with you!

Glam Affair is introducing another new and exclusive face to our already gorgeous range; Kallisto. In Asia and one brand new lovely tone -  Exotic! The tone is truly a deep, lovely and sultry beauty. 

There are 8 makeup options in each pack, with 9 eyebrow options, as well eyebrow shape suggestions. 

Special bonus for the new skin tone - it does include appliers - so please be sure to rez the package on the ground to get to them!

Come to Collabor88 and try out Kallisto and we are sure you will fall in love!!

TP to Collabor88

Respectfully yours,
~Glam Affair~

-Glam Affair- & ~Tableau Vivant~ are also available on the following platforms:
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~Glam Affair ~ @ Creation. JP

-Glam Affair is very pleased to take part the first round of Creation, JP.  What is that, you ask? An event started to  promote Japanese creators' skill for producing quality products. The event opens June 21, 2014 and will last 20 days. It is also planned to be a regular event.:  Now comes the part you were waiting for.

Glam Affair released the gorgeous Cassia, in 8 different makeups - sold separately for Creation,jp. The skin comes in two tones; Arctic and Asia with eight eyebrow options. The makeups variations are really quite amazing. Aida outdid herself with vibrant and bold makeup and also a few more demure looks that are very come hither.

See what I mean!? Gorgeous.

You can purchase this beauty if you take this ride, right here!

If you are interested in reading more about Creation. JP - Please visit their website.

One more bit of news for those of you asking; the gorgeous Coral is now set for sale in the Main Store. YES!

Thank you all for your continued and loyal support of Glam Affair! We appreciate each and every single one of you.

Respectfully yours,
~Glam Affair Management~

-Glam Affair- & ~Tableau Vivant~ are also available on the following platforms:

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- Glam Affair - New Release @ Frost and Seraphim Social!

Hello lovelies! Exciting news! Glam Affair is a guest of Tableau Vivant in their booth at Frost event! Neva Frost was made especially for this event and she is perfect for winter! Creamy pale skin that brings memories of chilly winter nights.

Inside each pack you will find:

Six eyebrows options (six skins in each pack);
Four appliers:
Glam Affair - Lolas  Tango - Skin Applier (Horror edition )
Glam Affair - Slink Hands Skin Appliers ( Horror edition )
Glam Affair - Slink Feet Skin Appliers ( Horror edition )
Glam Affair Appliers for - ** Phat Azz  ( Horror edition )
Three suggested mod. eyebrow shapers.


But wait...there is more! Introducing the Shiranuri Line at Seraphim Social. Shiranuri mask is a tattoo layer that can be worn as makeup on skins of different brands, not only on Glam Affair.

The masks are very pale foundation, pale eyebrows, lip gloss and makeup. There are six different masks to pick from ranging from glossy to smoky eyes, and an array of beautiful and intricate colorful eye and face makeup that is sure to have you stand out in a crowd.

The Shironuri Lashes are  100% dramatic, mesh and come in four styles, 10 colors each and can be purchased as singles or in fatpacks.  The lashes are mod and come separate with left and right sides.

~Glam Affair ~ 

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-Glam Affair- Kaelyn New Release

Hello gorgeous ladies!!

SO excited to announce that we have a new skin release! Kaelyn is a brand new face with so many options.

The beautiful Kaelyn comes with all the options that Glam Affair has become known for...

4 layers of freckle tattoos
4 lip layer options
3 nose layer options
8 eyebrow color options
6 skin tone options
12 gorgeous makeups and one clean face.

You can personalize Kaelyn any way you want! Make her unique just to you by changing her nose, her freckles, her lips with a different eye - and so many eyebrow options. The choices are really endless!

Kaelyn skin line is available at the main store and we look forward to seeing you!

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-Glam Affair- Leah Lipsticks

The new Leah skin offers 22 lipstick options to play with your style.

-Glam Affair- LeahLipsticks-s

-Glam Affair- Leah direct TP

-Glam Affair- Leah

Dear Glams,

the new Leah skin is finally ready!

- 12 makes up available
- 3 eyebrows options (dark, light and red)
- clean versions for each eyebrows tone
- 5 skin tones ( Dark - Tan - MedTan - Natural - Light )
- bald and hairbase
Also available (sold separately):

- 22 lipsticks (only compatible with Leah)
- 3 freckles tattoo layers (in one pack)
Each skin tone pack contains:

Blond brows hairbase
Blond brows bald
Blond brows clean hairbase
Blond brows clean bald
Dark brows hairbase
Dark brows bald
Dark brows clean hairbase
Dark brows clean bald
Red brows hairbase
Red brows bald
Red brows clean hairbase
Red brows clean bald

-Glam Affair- Leah Eyebrows shape A
-Glam Affair- Leah Eyebrows shape B
-Glam Affair- Leah Eyebrows shape C
-Glam Affair- Leah Eyebrows shape D

Glam Affair - Lashes Alpha

(-Glam Affair- Cleavages compatible)


We hope you'll enjoy the fresh look of Leah!

-Glam Affair- Leah direct TP

-Glam Affair- Linn is out

-Glam Affair- Linn AD- Prue Genira

The new Linn skin is now out in store!

- 12 makes up available
- 5 skin tones ( Dark - Tan - MedTan - Natural - Light )
- 5 different eyebrows color (tattoo layers) to match your favorite hair.

-Glam Affair- Linn AD

In each pack you'll find:
- hairbase and bald option:
- dark and blonde hairbase versions;
- 5 eyebrows tattoos in 5 tones.

Meet you in -Glam Affair-

-Glam Affair- Gio skin

-Glam Affair- Gio AD 1
(model - Inex Hax)

-Glam Affair - Gio skin AD 2

-12 makesup
-5 skin tones ( Dark - Tan - MedTan - Natural - Light )
- Dark and Blonde eyebrows
- hairbase and bald option in each pack.
Visit us @
-Glam Affair-

-Glam Affair- Jadis v.2

“A girl without freckles is like a night without stars” someone said.

And Jadis v.2 is a sweet starry night that will let your inner beauty glow- we say.

-Galm Affair- is proud to present Jadis v.2: a fresh new skin with something special.

Jadis II - Zoe.jpg

You will love her innocent look that fades into a glamorous diva through the 12 makes up.
As always five skin tones are available for any needs, and as always several versions will be found in each pack: clean version, dark and blond, bald and with hair base, for a total of eight skins.

Jadis II - Giz.jpg

Jadis v.2 is waiting for you in store.

-Glam Affair- Amelie

[...] "We will not stop to describe Amelie. Be content to know, dear reader, that she was as beautiful as a bright May morning, and as noble as she was beautiful. " [...]
Maturin Murray Ballou - 1855

-Glam Affair- Amelie ADV

-Glam Affair- is proud to present Amelie, the new realistic, beautiful and silky skin for a gorgeous look.
She is very versatile and can be perfect on a model and on a young girl as well.
In each pack you will find also the clean version to play with makes up or just to have a fresh daily look.

Amelie comes in 12 makes up, very bright, summery and stylish for your special occasions.

-Glam Affair- Amelie - Di -Glam Affair- Amelie - Elena

In each pack you'll find 8 skins:

Light (blonde) bald
Light (blonde) HB
Dark bald
Dark HB
Light (blonde) bald clean
Light (blonde) HB clean
Dark bald clean
Dark HB clean

-Glam Affair- Amelie - Petra -Glam Affair- Amelie - Poptart

Fat packs also available as always.

We hope you enjoy her,

-Glam Affair-

-Glam Affair- B.t.W. now in store

-Glam Affair- B.t.W. - AD

Released for Chic Limited April the lingerie B.t.W. is now available in store. Inspired to Lady Gaga's "Born this Way" video the lingerie features an underwear set with prims, gloves and a skin.

-Glam Affair- Lingerie department

-Glam Affair- @ Culture Shock

Culture Shock 2011 is finally open!

-Glam Affair- is part of the event with new releases:

Three new Sakura skin makes up in ALL tones:
-Glam Affair-Sakura_01 @Culture Shock
-Glam Affair-Sakura_02 @Culture Shock
-Glam Affair-Sakura_03 @Culture Shock

Mina dress in black (with tattoo layer)
-Glam Affair-Mina dress @Culture Shock

and Rhonda body suit
-Glam Affair-Rhonda Bodysuit @Culture Shock
This last two items are sold in the special charity vendors with 50 - 100% of the profits going to Doctors Without Borders.

Visit us at Culture Shock!

-Glam Affair- Intima - Lingerie line

Intima is a line of lingerie that is designed to be sexy, a blend of sophistication and sex appeal all in one.
Aida Ewing have a way of making lingerie as beautiful as possible all the while looking extremely seductive.
The line is breathtaking to look at, with each piece looking more glamorous then the next.

-Glam Affair- Intima - Greta
Glam Affair- Intima - Greta

-Glam Affair- Intima - Luna
Glam Affair- Intima - Luna

-Glam Affair- Intima - Marta
-Glam Affair- Intima - Marta

-Glam Affair- Intima - Lucia
-Glam Affair- Intima - Lucia

The mix and match of ideas and concepts is what will want the average women to want a few different pieces.
Colors are mostly dark, using lots of blacks with lace and frilly trims.

-Glam Affair- Intima - Jen
-Glam Affair- Intima - Jen

-Glam Affair- Intima - Lola
-Glam Affair- Intima - Lola

-Glam Affair- Intima - Niu AD
-Glam Affair- Intima - Niu

-Glam Affair- Intima - Thabita
-Glam Affair- Intima - Thabita

Visit -Glam Affair- Intima section now!

-Glam Affair - Monica skin

-Glam Affair - Monica skin

We are proud to introduce you Monica, the new -Glam Affair- skin.

She is available in 10 makes-up and five skin tones: Light, Natural, MedTan, Tan and Dark.

In each pack you'll find 8 skins:

-Glam Affair- Monica - Bl Clean | Blonde brows bald
-Glam Affair- Monica - Bl HB Clean | Blonde brows hairbase
-Glam Affair- Monica - D Clean | Dark brows bald
-Glam Affair- Monica - D HB Clean | Dark brows hairbase
-Glam Affair- Monica - Bl # | Blonde brows bald
-Glam Affair- Monica - Bl HB # | Blonde brows hairbase
-Glam Affair- Monica - D # | Dark brows bald
-Glam Affair- Monica - D HB # | Dark brows hairbase

You will also find:

-Glam Affair - Monica - Black eyebrow | darker eyebrow
-Glam Affair - Pubic Hair Layer A
-Glam Affair - Pubic Hair Layer B
-Glam Affair - Pubic Hair Layer C | both tattoo and underwear layer
-Glam Affair - Monica bald base 01-02-03-04

Also! In collaboration with Glam Affair, Miamai is releasing a set of makeups on tattoo layer made to match the skin.

-Glam Affair - Monica skin -Glam Affair - Monica skin

Visit -Glam Affair-

-Glam Affair- Mary is out in store + Group Gift + skin tone values

-Glam Affair- Mary -Green- Group Gift

Mary is now available in store!

You will find her in -Glam Affair- skin department, left side of the landing point.

We have sent a thank you group gift: Mary skin in a special green make-up for the upcoming St. Patrick's day (five skin tones, 3 brows options, both bald and hairbase, for a total of 30 skins).

We have included a notecard with the color values of the skin tones to match your prim attachments like feet, hands, breast and so on ( it is in a box close to the skin vendor also).

You will find the gift in -Glam Affair Updates- group (30L$ antispam joining fee!)

Thank you for supporting us!
-Glam Affair-

-Glam Affair- Mary

-Glam Affair- is proud to present Mary, the brand new skin available at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair 2011.

Mary skin - Tan

Mary is available in five skin tones: Light, Natural, MedTan, Tan and Dark.

Each tone features 12 different makes-up and 3 different brows tones: Blonde, Brown and Dark.

Dahlia JoubertKeira Seerose

In a makeup pack you will find 12 skins:

Blonde Brows (bald) E/BL/A
Blonde Brows (hairbase) E/BL/B
Brown Brows (bald) E/BR/A
Brown Brows (hairbase) E/BR/B
Dark Brows (bald) E/D/A
Dark Brows (hairbase) E/D/A

Blonde Brows - Clean (bald) E/BL/A
Blonde Brows - Clean (hairbase) E/BL/B
Brown Brows - Clean (bald) E/BR/A
Brown Brows - Clean (hairbase) E/BR/B
Dark Brows - Clean (bald) E/D/A
Dark Brows - Clean (hairbase) E/D/A

3 blushes options (tattoo layer for v.2)
3 pubic hair options (tattoo layer for v.2 and underpants layer)
4 bald base options

Each Make-up pack costs 999L$, FatPack 4999L$, as always.

Mavi Beckmonica Outlander
Demos are available in -Glam Affair Updates- group

(anti-spam joining fee of 30L$, Valentine's exclusive skin gift still available in notices)

We really hope you'll enjoy this new release.

Thank you,
-Glam Affair-

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