- Glam Affair - Bloggers group

Dear blogger,

First of all we want to thank you for your interest in -Glam Affair- products.
We really appreciate your work and its value.

Our pools are currently full and like some of you know our selection of bloggers is picky. We do have a list of selected reviewers in our group that we personally choose.

Many people ask us what is needed to be considered a blogger for our brand so we are going to write our points of view:

- we daily check the feeds and we directly contact bloggers that follow a style that is close to the image of the brand;

- we only add bloggers able to discern an original creation from ripped and mixed skins and stolen products, not blogging (and supporting) this kind of fake work;

- we appreciate a fair technique of picture, so we do not consider blogs displaying "pixelated", morphs, deformed, oversized or minimized photo;

- we ask that the blog is at least 6 months old, has at least one blog post per week and has posted Glam Affair in the past.

If you think you meet the requirements please send a notecard to Sophia Harlow for future consideration.

Thank you again for your interest, we look forward to working with you.

-Glam Affair-

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