~Glam Affair~ New @ Uber

Glam Affair is a proud guest of the 2nd round of Uber  - Theme [apocalypse].

Artemis, one of the latest faces from Glam Affair, is gorgeous and all ready for the the last days. Make up options range from simple and sweet to smoldering eyes and tank girl princess with war paint  who pulls no punches.

6 Makeup Options
8 Eyebrow Options
1 No Brow Option

Artemis, The Last Dyas, is all ready and waiting for you and anything else that may come at Uber.

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Thank you
~Glam Affair~

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~Glam Affair~ Fifty Linden Friday

Hello beauties!

Glam Affair is in this round of Fifty Linden Friday anddd since it is nearly the weekend we thought it was time for cocktails!

What do I mean? I meannnnn two of our latest skins in a pretty makeup named, Cocktail.  Yes. Two. Oakley and Kallisto! Both have matching smoky eye and a pouty pretty lip with just barely there color that is perfecttt for the weekend.

Oakely and Kallisto are available in Asia tone with 7 options of eyebrow colors and eyebrow shape suggestions.

Skins will be out at midnight SLT (or maybe earlier, ahem) and will be available for 50L for 24 hours.

Thank you!
~Glam Affair~ Management

Your ride to Glam Affair!

~Glam Affair~ Flash Limit Sale

Do we have a surprise for all of you beautiful ladies out there.

First let me ask you this...did you all love our skin, Rose? If your answer is yes...proceed to next question.

Do you love special sales? Special EDITION LIMITED sales? How about surprise sales?

Yes? AWESOME because guess what? Glam Affair has a really special sale happening at 2pm SLT that will last just until we sell out of 250 skins. Why 250? Because that is the special price for these lovely limited skins. Yes. 250L for a special edition skin never to be sold again. Ever.

On what, you ask? Four beautiful make ups of Rose made specially for our Flash Limit Sale in a special new tone.  Check out the picture for the oohs and ahhhs.

The lovely Rose, in a special tone of Pearl ,will come with all the appliers your little hearts desire - Slink Hands, Feet, Physique, Phat Azz and Lolas!

This little sale is brand new for us, never done before and would love your feedback on it. Please send your thoughts to Sophia Harlow with any suggestions, ideas or anything at all about our Flash Limit Sale!

We hope to see you all at 2pm! Remember, only 250 skins set out so don't miss it because these skins will NEVER be sold again.

Thank you,
~Glam Affair~ Management

-Glam Affair @ Collabor88

Hello lovelies!

Glam Affair is back again for another incredible round of Collabor88;  this month is very special because it is their 3 year anniversary.  We are so excited for this round for so many reasons; collaborating with so many talented artists has been both intense and exciting.  Plus, we are really excited about the theme, Odyssey!

We have an entirely new face for you - Artemis. She is a true beauty with her smooth skin, bold eyes and strong eyebrows.

At Collabor88 you will find Artemis in the Asia and Jamaica tones, and she is available in 10 stunning makeups and 8 eyebrow colors (a no brow option is also available). Demos are available.

We also have a release for part of our accessories collection, -Glam Affair-  Victorious Headdress, Penelope Earcuffs and Penelope Necklace. The Penelope ear cuff and necklace are available in different colors and in two metal versions. The Victorious Headdress is available in 7 different colors.

Respectfully yours,
~Glam Affair ~ Management

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-Glam Affair- & ~Tableau Vivant~ are also available on the following platforms:

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