- Glam Affair - Fifty Linden Fridays

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Friday! We're back at Fifty Linden Fridays with another exclusive release!

Magenta for FLF comes only in Jamaica tone, it includes 8 eyebrow colors and is available only for a very limited time at just 50L$ How can you resist this gorgeous face?

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!
-Glam Affair-

-Glam Affair- New @ Collabor88 and L'Accessoires

Hello Ladies!

We're back again for another round at Collabor88 and once more we bring you news and surprises!
This month's Collabor88 is a special prom event so each permanent creator brought a date in to the mix, so get prepared for double the shopping fun.

Sylvia is our newest face that you will find at Collabor88, and it's our fist fully customizable skin to date, there's so many ways to wear her!

 Sylvia comes with a base in the America tone, the base is both browless and with 8 different eyebrow shades, but the fun starts with the customizations!
All the customization features come on tattoo layers and they are:

★ 3 basic lips
★ 4 cheeks
★ 4 eyebrow styles (each in 8 colors)
★ 3 noses
★ 8 eye makeups
★ 3 lipsticks types (each in 8 colors)

With all these options the combinations are countless and you will have a different Sylvia ready for each mood and occasion!

But there's more, we have created a romantic headpiece just in time for the upcoming spring, Bohemian Romance,

100% original mesh, Bohemian Romance with its plump delicate flowers and ornated with three strands of delicate pearls, is an indispensable accessory for your dashing spring looks.

Bohemian Romance comes in 10 fashionable and trendy colors.

Oh and we mentioned our prom date didn't we? Well, we thought about inviting Truth Hawks of Truth Hair to the round and he came up with a fantastic and superstylish boho hairstyle called Electra! We're sure you won't want to miss it!

Come visit this month's incredible round of Collabor88!

It's gacha craze on this round at L'Accessories, and for this occasion we have created two fun mesh eyeliner + eyelashes combos.

Star liner & Starlett Lashes come in 6 colors each and they're so lovely and fun that you will want to collect them all!

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