Glam Affair retirement sale + new releases!!!!

Glam Affair will soon have a new sim decor, we will need space for new things so until the build is ready we have thought about doing a retirement sale!

So this is the chance to grab some of our most popular sim at an incredible discounted price before we have to say goodbye!

All the skins listed below have a set price of 100L for the single makeup and 800L for the fatpack! How crazy is that?????
The skins on sale and soon to be retired are:

The "Dark Side" skins

Come on over before it's too late!


We also have new releases!!!!
We're back at the Liaison Collaborative with a brand new skin, Katya and fashionable earrings!

Katya for Liaison Collaborative is a brand new face debuting at this event, she is available in America tone and comes in 6 romantic makeups and each makeup has 7 different eyebrows color! You will surely find your perfect match! 

At Liaison you will also find our Studded Hoops mesh earrings, our latest accessory is available in 8 fashionable colors: a summer must have!

Tp to Liaison Collaborative!

~Tableau Vivant~ @ Hair Fair

~Tableau Vivant~  @ Hair Fair 2013 - [ July 13th - July 28th ]

Dear Ladies and Gents,
we are so excited to be part of THE hair event for the first time.

Since the invitation we have worked to improve our hair (still a long way ahead) and we also decided to change the hair textures and the color system.
You can now have one hud for 14 different colors, no more HUGE folders with dozen of items in them.
One click and you are done.

The packs are 6: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Monsoon and Equinox.
• Spring is the colorful pack: greens, gold, pinks, purples... But also grays and whites.. All the shades of the flowers season.
• Summer gathers all the blonds: from ripe wheat to shiny sunny day, it's the pack of the bright lovers.
• Fall is the pack of the reds: from orange pumpkin to prunes; from maple leaves to sienna. Warm and rich colors for brunettes and redheads.
• Winter pack features mostly dark colors: blacks, dark gray and browns. A nice brunette alternative.
• Monsoon blows dyes! In this pack you can find all the new dip dyes on blond, brown, white and colorful base. Trendy!
• Finally we offer Equinox that is the 'mix pack'. Colors picked from the other packs mixed together for a practical solution.

In each pack we offer a basic size and a L size that is compatible with the breast implants, as one might say.
Non-rigged hair can be resized via hud.
20% of the proceeds are donated to Wigs for Kids.

We hope you like them!

~Tableau Vivant~

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