- Glam Affair - June 15th new releases.

Two big events opened today and we're proud to be part of them with new some amazing releases!

Summerfest '13 is an event that covers everything and anything you might need for your summer in SL, from cabanas to ice pops, and Glam Affair is present with a new, summer inspired skin.

Summer is her name and she comes in 2 skintones, America and Jamaica, 5 different makeups (different for each skintone) and the standard 4 eyebrows colors. Aptly named, Summer has the healthy glow of a freshly suntanned skin.

Come and grab a demo of Summer at Summerfest '13!!


After the success of its winter edition, Cosmetic Fair is back again for a summer round and Glam Affair is participating with two exclusive releases

Cleo Lipstick in 20 (yes, twenty!) fashionable summery colors, each for every skintone, will be fun to match with your summer outfits!
Colourful Eyeliner: our mesh eyeliners are back with a range of 12 new and different combinations, matte and glittery in finish are the must have accessory for this summer.

Cosmetic Fair is only open for 2 weeks so run and get these exclusive releases before it's too late!

Tp to Cosmetic Fair

- Glam Affair - Collabor88 month of June

Today is Collabor88 day! Another round is upon us and this month's theme is "Chill Pill", celebrating the 90's.

Glam Affair has two releases out for this edition, one is the beloved skin Margot in the Petal Tone.

For this edition of Margot we have chosen delicate and ethereal pastel makeups, there's 5 different one to choose from, and each skin has 5 eyebrows colors to be matched with your favorite hair color.

Our second release is a true celebration of the 90's clubbing days.
Glam Affair Disco Earrings are big, colorful and flashy, they come in 10 bright colors and are perfect for your nights out in SL!

- Glam Affair - Lulu for the Arcade Gacha

It's Arcade Gacha time again and Glam Affair brings you a new skin for the occasion.

Lulu is the fresh and brand new face that is available exclusively at the Arcade Gacha for the month of June.

Each Lulu is different, there's 12 versions with various makeup styles and skin tones to collect!
Four Lulus are rare, which one will you win? Play the gacha and try your luck!

Lulu is waiting for you, run to collect all the variations before she's gone!

Taxi to Arcade Gacha!
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