Cleo is waiting for you!

We couldn't keep you waiting too long, could we? There's a new skin out waiting for you in in store and her name is Cleo!

Cleo is Glam Affair's newest full skin line which differentiates from our previous ones as it can be personalized in many ways.

Cleo's tones are our usual, Arctic, Europa, America, Jamaica, Africa and India.
We offer a range of 12 different fabulous makeups + a clean one which is also included in each package when you purchase a single skin.

Cleo has 6 different eyebrow colors which are coded this way:
A - Light Blonde
B - Dark Blonde
C - Light brown
D - Brown
E - Black
F - Red

Cleo's rich in extras, and each skin package contains the following tattoo layers: 2 lashes layers, a definition & skin pores layer, 3 different freckles layers, two glossy lips layers and a no gloss lips layer.

The novelty of this skin is the possibility to change between 3 other noses which also come as a tattoo layer!
There's so much to try and play with! You create your favorite Cleo look!

Come try a demo now!
Taxi to Glam Affair.

- Glam Affair - Collabor 8 8 and SLink Feet Skin appliers!!!!!!

We have new releases to share with you today!

We're at this round of Collabor 88 with a skin and an accessory release, and we are finally ready with the SLink feet appliers for our most recent skintones.

Let's take a look at the releases in detail:

For this month's Collabor 88 we have created Victoria Earrings; In full original mesh, Victoria earrings come in eight bright colors.
Big and bold, Victoria earrings with their look and easy to match colors will be the perfect addition to your summertime outfits. Pull up your hair and show Victoria Earrings off!!

An instant favourite when she was first introduced, Margot is back in the Europa and India tones and 5 + 5 different gorgeous makeups to choose from! As usual each Margot comes with black, blonde, dark brown, light brown and red eyebrows, and 3 hairbases suit your needs.

Victoria and Margot will be available exclusively at Collabor 88 for just one month so hurry!!!


Finally the release we were all waiting for! Glam Affair skins now can be easily matched to SLink feet via our appliers!

No more sweating trying to tint our feet, the huds are now in store and are available for the following skintones only: Africa, America, Artic, India, Jamaica, Petal and Europa.

Very shortly also the hands appliers will be in store so keep an eye on our notices! ;)

Glam Affair SLink appliers are available at our mainstore.

- Glam Affair - Janna Statement Necklace

It's one year of Fameshed, and for this occasion we bring you another mesh accessory that we are certain you will love.

Janna Statement Necklace is an Egyptian inspired band necklace that comes in 7 fashionable variations, each available both in gold and silver.

Ancient in its inspiration, Janna is very versatile and can be worn and matched effortlessly with modern and period outfits alike.

Janna is available exclusively for one month at Fameshed.

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