- Glam Affair - for Skin Addiction's

Voshie Paine has organized such a great event with over 60 skin maker for everyone of you who's addicted by skins in SL.
The "Skin Showcase" event will running for a limited time  [ May 25th - June 10th ] and each designer will bring to you a new and exclusive skin.
Since the daily appreciation for Giselle and Leah, we have tought to offer something special which could mix the main characteristics of both. Its name is Mia.

Six different eyebrows options.

Mia will be available  only  at the Skin Showcase Event  and  only  from May 25th to June 10th.

Don't miss it.

-Glam Affair- @ Culture Shock 2012

We are proud to join in the second annual round of Culture Shock which, for the second consecutive year, will devolve most of the proceeds to Médicins sans Frontière.
This time -Glam Affair- brings to you a very special edition of the new Giselle skin, which most of you have already had the chance to see at the "Sent to Destroy" show, worn by the our talented and awesome models.
Twelve different skins to choose from, on sale only @ Culture Shock.

You will also find another unique version of Giselle which proceeds will be devolved entirely to charity.

And, as regarding the appareal collection, we present the new Liliana mesh top in three exclusive tones.


Hope you will enjoy them! See you there. -Glam Affair- @ Culture Shock

-Glam Affair- Giselle skin

Giselle, the new face of Glam Affair is ready to please you.
Her appearance is fresh but, at the same time, turns into classy in some of its vibrant variations of makeup.

-Glam Affair- Giselle skin, Prue Genira

-12 makeups available
-3 eyebrowns options (dark, light  and red)
-5 skintones (Dark - Tan - Medtan - Natural - Light)
-bald and hairbase
-clean version for each skin tone pack

-Glam Affair- Giselle skin, Mavi Beck

Each skin tone pack contains also 3 different tattoo layer for eyebrowns and a tattoo layer for additional face details.

-Glam Affair- Giselle skin, Grazia Horwitz

Giselle will be available at Sent to Destoy Shop where you can also find the new mesh clothes line of Glam Affair and also news from Tableau Vivant and H.o.D.

-Glam Affair- Giselle skin, Bunny Brickworks

We hope you will enjoy her.
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