-Glam Affair- Amelie

[...] "We will not stop to describe Amelie. Be content to know, dear reader, that she was as beautiful as a bright May morning, and as noble as she was beautiful. " [...]
Maturin Murray Ballou - 1855

-Glam Affair- Amelie ADV

-Glam Affair- is proud to present Amelie, the new realistic, beautiful and silky skin for a gorgeous look.
She is very versatile and can be perfect on a model and on a young girl as well.
In each pack you will find also the clean version to play with makes up or just to have a fresh daily look.

Amelie comes in 12 makes up, very bright, summery and stylish for your special occasions.

-Glam Affair- Amelie - Di -Glam Affair- Amelie - Elena

In each pack you'll find 8 skins:

Light (blonde) bald
Light (blonde) HB
Dark bald
Dark HB
Light (blonde) bald clean
Light (blonde) HB clean
Dark bald clean
Dark HB clean

-Glam Affair- Amelie - Petra -Glam Affair- Amelie - Poptart

Fat packs also available as always.


We hope you enjoy her,

-Glam Affair-

-Glam Affair- @ the Dressing Room #33

Layla Deep Sea TDR#33

TDR #33 is open!
A fresh summery look for Layla is waiting for you.
Dark and clear eyebrows, hairbase and bald options, 70L$.

Visit The Dressing Room

-Glam Affair- 50% skin discount


Dear Glams,

summer is here and to celebrate it we are having a 50% discount on some of our skins.

They are marked with this sign:

The discount will end on Sunday July 3rd at 22pm SLT.

We hope you will enjoy the summer vacation!

-Glam Affair-
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