-Glam Affair- @ The Dressing Room #22

-Glam Affair - Jadis DAMA skin ( TDR )

-Glam Affair- is offering a beautiful version of Jadis skin: Dama.

She features light brows, eyeliner and black geisha inspired lips. Inside the pack you can find four eyebrow shapes and three pubic hair options. As always sold at the special price of 70L$.

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_Glam Affair- CHIC Limited

CHIC Limited

New outfit from -Glam Affair- avalable only at CHIC Limited.

-Glam Affair - AMARA features a voluptuous bra, a corset with matching collar and a pant with hip drapes.

Available until Saturday 29th of January 2011 (3pm SLT).

The Dressing Room #21

-Glam Affair- Castalia Skin - Night

The Dressing Room collection #21 is out!
The make-up of Castalia proposed this time is seductive, putting the focus on the eyes instead of the lips, which are left more natural.
-Glam Affair- Castalia Skin - Night, as usual, priced 70L$. Don't miss it!

-Glam Affair- for My Second Childhood Fundraiser

Voshie Paine has organized a fundraiser for a little girl, Kajsa, that needs help.

-Glam Affair- is taking part to the event with an exclusive skin, -Glam Affair - Jadis - Natural - Forest.
It is marked 500L$ and 100% of the profit will go directly to Kajsa's family.

Many designers are helping, so if you want to help this little girl visit the My 2nd Childhood Fundraiser location, available for two weeks.

Thank you for your help!


More information about the event:

"On Tuesday, December 28th, I had to rush to the hospital with my room-mate's daughter. She had a temperature of 106F.
After a couple hours of waiting, I found out that they would be keeping Kajsa overnight to run more tests. Her dad arrived, and I was able to go back home while they kept vigil over Kajsa. The next day, I waited anxiously to hear news from them, and finally when evening rolled around, I decided to give the hospital a call. It turned out that lil Kajsa had been diagnosed
with Pre-B ALL Leukemia.

Needless to say the news hit everyone hard, and we have been reeling from shock, but it hit her parents hardest. Their soon to be 3 year old, has just been diagnosed with one of those diseases that you dread as a parent. Not only do they have to stay strong for Kajsa, and their other daughter, but they also must cope financially somehow.

Fortunately (the hope we must cling to), the doctors said that since they caught it early, that as long as she responds to treatment, they are giving Kajsa a 90-95% chance of recovery. However, the treatment will last approximately 4 years, where Kajsa will have to undergo intensive chemo treatments. In an effort to do -something- for the family, I asked and gained permission to seek out ways to raise money to help them, while they concentrate on Kajsa.

On behalf of Kajsa's family, thank you for taking the time to read this, and for all your support.

Voshie Paine"

- Glam Affair - 10 ls dep. Updates

Happy New Year from -Glam Affair-!

 -Glam Affair- Jadis Dark - TDR Special.

New collection in The Dressing Room came out, special "New Year Party" edition.
Every designer prepared for you one special item, available only in TDR

 -Glam Affair - TDR best sellers.

and second, the bestseller of all TDR collections.

Each priced 70L$.

Happy New Year from -Glam Affair-!

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