-Glam Affair- Christmas Gift

-Glam Affair- Happy Holidays Group gift

Dear friends,

the holiday season is a wonderful time for us to remember the friends and customers who help our business and make our jobs a pleasure all year long. Our business would not be possible without your continued support.

So we’d like to take this moment to say thank you and send our best wishes to you and your families.

We are glad to offer you an exclusive release of Jadis that will never be sold, a gold makeup perfect for your Holiday parties.

It will be available for 15 days in group notices of Glam Affair Update group (remember that the group has an antispam joining fee of 30L$).

May your Holiday Season and the New Year be filled with much joy, happiness and success.

Happy holidays!
-Glam Affair-

Glam Affair@ So 2011


Hello Everybody!

This is second year So 20.. event is going on and its inpowered by Liberty City community sim for high end fashion and shopping in world. This years So 2011 designer's event is all about designers and their work they did in last year for the next 2011 looks and apparel thats going to be happening in a following 2011 year.
This makes them So 2011 designers!

Event is about you guys browse their work, look at what they have been working on hard during the year and find 2 items marked down on 50L. News this year is that designers keep the right to CHANGE marked down items so search becomes more mysterious and exicting!

Glam Affair marked down Items are in the satellite shop @ Liberty City

Enjoy So 2011!
Many Holiday hugs by So 2011 designers<3

Glam Affair@The Dressing Room #19

-Glam Affair- Eva- Light - Red Line Ad DRESSING ROOM

This round -Glam Affair- features Eva Light with a red line make up, an exclusive for The Dressing Room.
70L$ for a fresh new look!

Glam Affair [Nero] collection & Jadis skin

More pictures of the new [Nero] collection and the new skin Jadis from Glam Affair .

-Glam Affair - Nero6
-Glam Affair - [Nero] Willow

-Glam Affair - Nero7
-Glam Affair- [NERO]- Studs shirt & [NERO]-Lieutenant

-Glam Affair - Nero5
-Glam Affair- [NERO]-Black Mistress / -Glam Affair- [NERO]-Miu Shirt & -Glam Affair- [NERO] Marshal

-Glam Affair - Nero4
-Glam Affair- [NERO]-Black Ibis dress

-Glam Affair - Nero3
-Glam Affair- [NERO]-Raji & [NERO]- Spiker

-Glam Affair - Nero 2
-Glam Affair- [NERO]-Saba & [NERO]-Black ruffled dress

-Glam Affair - Jadis ( Aradia Dielli ) -Glam Affair - Jadis ( Mavi Beck )

-Glam Affair- Jadis light & Jadis Dark

Glam Affair [Nero] collection, Jadis skin and special hunt

Dear Glams,
our new collection is finally out.

Visit the new section (right side of the teleport point) with the amazing [Nero] releases, a sensual black line of dresses and separates.

-Glam Affair - Nero

Along with the new collection we have a new skin out: Jadis.
As always five tones available and twelve makes up, in each pack there is a clean version as well.

- Glam Affair - Jadis

We are also proud to present a very special collaboration with the awesome Miamai: Jadis Yuki edition.

All those wintry shades of pale inspired the designers when they came up with this skin.
Very pale and white haired, Jadis is the Narnia's White Witch that enchants with her beauty.
The skin comes with light, shimmery makeups to emphasize her pale porcelain skin.
Three different makes up, each pack comes with several options:
- light eyebrows (bald and hairbase),
- dark eyebrows (bald and hairbase),
- no eyebrows (bald and hairbase).

GLAM AFFAIR - Jadis - Yuki edition

To complete the look, Miamai has an exclusive line of ten inventive hair and five packs of gorgeous makes up, available in both Glam Affair and Miamai Beauty Section.



And something that many Customers were waiting for: Shapes and Cleavage option (all layers plus the v.2 tattoo).

and a HUNT!

To celebrate the new -Glam Affair- releases we have placed four little bag with exclusive versions of Jadis skin, an exclusive dress, two hair pieces and four (2 female 2 male/unisex) poses+prop.

Each bag is marked to 15L$ so you can have a brand new look for only 60L$!

The hunt will end on Sunday 19th.

Find them all and complete the [N] [E] [R] [O] hunt!

-Glam Affair - Nero Hunt

What are you waiting for?

Glam Affair @ One Eleven

For those missing it, Glam Affair is guest at the event One Eleven.
The items created for One Eleven are exclusive and limited edition.
The idea of limited edition is that the items are not similar to something already available and the designs will not be used after one eleven (including recolors).
Glam Affair is offering three exclusive skins that will be never sold in store and released.




Visit One Eleven

Glam Affair Holiday Hill

Glam Affair is a proud sponsor of the 44 Caliber event "Holiday Hill" to celebrate the Christmas in a marvellous environment.

There are some exclusive items for you at Holiday Hill shop:
5 variations of Castalia skin and 5 variations of Eva skin;
Holiday Hill-Glam Affair-Eza&Castalia Skins

12 wonderful makes up winter themed;

Holiday Hill-Glam Affair Makes up

10 poses with props ready for your gifty photos.

Holiday Hill-Glam Affair poses

Visit us @ Holiday Hill!

Glam Affair@The Dressing Room #18

-Glam Affair- Sofia- Light- Winter - TDR - AD

After the big success of Eva Winter here is a flushed cheek variation of Sofia Light. We hope you'll enjoy it, as always yours for 70L$ only, at The Dressing Room.
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