- Glam Affair - Black Friday Sale Skin 26th-28th

- Glam Affair- Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Sale Skin Addiction Group members only!

40% of your purchase will be refunded, but please remember to wear the Skin Addiction group tag!
Group joiner nearby.

The skin in offer, -Glam Affair- Eva- MedTan - smog, is on the table in the new skin department. Please follow the red beacon.

Glam Affair@The Dressing Room #17

EVA_TDR-Glam Affair- Eva- MedTan Winter - TDR#17

Eva Winter is an amazing variation of Eva med tan: flushed nose and cheeks for your winter days!
Yours for 70L$ only, at The Dressing Room.

Glam Affair@The Dressing Room #16

- Glam Affair - Castalia Vampire skin B

The second version of Castalia pale skin, with exclusive matching eyes.
Yours for only 70L$ only at The Dressing Room.
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