Think P!ink Hunt

The Think P!ink hunt has started!
This is Glam Affair prize, a special version of the new Sofia v.2. In pink, of course.
More info about the hunt here.
Think Pink Hunt prize

Glam Affair @ Make up Layer

16 Makes up layers to use with viewer 2 or emerald beta

Glam Affair@The Dressing Room #11

At the Dressing Room we have something really cute: a pair of eyes and five makes up (layers to use with viewer 2 or emerald beta).
The eyes are from the new Stella line, in a special colour.
Yours for only 50L$.
Glam Affair -TDR-#11

- Glam Affair - 10 L$ department. Updates

New body: Sofia skin v.2 is out!

Glam Affair is proud to present a new body for the skin line, out now with Sofia v.2.

Available in five tints: Light, Natural, Med Tan, Tan and Dark and 12 different makes up.

Here you can see some details of the new body:

Glam Affair @SofiaV2 - BODY 06Glam Affair @SofiaV2 - BODY 02Glam Affair @SofiaV2 - BODY 05

In each skin you can find 1 pair of eyes, 3 Pubic Hair layers (underpants and viewer 2 options) and 3 different bald bases for eyebrows shape.

Glam Affair @SofiaV2 - BODY 03Glam Affair @SofiaV2 - BODY 04Glam Affair @SofiaV2 - BODY 01
You can buy Sofia v.2 in:

-Glam Affair- Stella Eyes

- Glam Affair - Stella Eyes AD

By popular demand Stella Eyes are finally out!

Two lines:
version 1. of a single colour, eyelashes shadow, dark iris outline;
version 2. double colour, plain shadow

18 colours each, for an extra realistic awesome glance.

120L$ per colour

Glam Affair@The Dressing Room #10

Amazing Summer skin with exclusive make-up available for 70L$ only at the Dressing Room!
- Glam Affair - Summer Skin - Dressing Room AD

Glam Affair @ Zombie Popcorn Hunt 2

Zombie Popcorn II rocks!
This is Glam Affair amazing prize, find it and be happy!

-Glam Affair - ZombiePopcorn Hunt_AD

Limo to Glam Affair

Glam Affair new lucky board

Rebecca skin - lucky board

The lucky board at -Glam Affair- has changed!

Exclusive Rebecca skin for V.I.P. only that will never be sold, matching the previous gift Malaika dress.
5 minuts to wait, Glam Affair Update group needed (30L$ anti-spam entry fee).
Group joiner nearby.

Available in August only!

Limo to Glam Affair (follow the red beacon to find it!)

Glam Affair - The Platinum Hunt

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