Glam Affair@The Dressing Room #9

A new make-up variation of Leona skin natural is out exclusively at The Dressing Doom!

Grab it for only 70L$, it will be available for two weeks only!

LEONA The dressing Room #9

Glam Affair @ Potter’s Field

The funeral theme is both sad and exciting and since ages the mourning couture has inspired stylists, designers and artists.

Glam Affair has found their inspiration in art, collecting images from the lowbrow surreal pop art current and from the big classics.
Mark Ryden, Natalie Shau, Alex Gross, Joe Sorren and many others suggested the solemn but playful style of the outfits, the skins and the poses, a couple of them reproducing Antonio's Canova sculptures.

- Glam Affair - 10 ls dep. Updates

Glam Affair @ Summer Of Love Venue


Great releases for the SOL fair from Glam Affair!

The new Summer Skin will be available in 10 exclusive make-ups, at SOL only!
They will be gone after the event. The new Summer Skin will be launched at the main store in standard make-ups at the ending of the SOL Venue.

Also a new stylish top, Nina, in 15 different colours!

And a fabulous swimsuit, Sunny, with a cute shoulder flower, in 9 different colours.

Also some poses with accessories for your funny summer!

Check everything out @ Summer Of Love

Glam Affair@The Dressing Room #8

Sofia dark@The Dressing Room

New awesome makeup for Sofia dark at The Dressing Room!
Yours for only 70L$!
Available only for two weeks, so hurry to buy it now :]

Limo to The Dressing Room

Xania Blue @ The Dressing Room BLUE

Glam Affair - Xania Blue @ The Dressing Room BLUE

We have released a new color for the amazing studded bikini outfit by Glam Affair: Xenia in blue (inspired by Lady Gaga music video Telephone).

Available only at The Dressing Room Blue, yours for only 50L$.

Limo to TDR Blue

DM - Motivation - Del May@Glam Affair Opening Gift XD

Thank you to the amazing Del May for this charming opening gift!
Hurry to get it at her new shop in Glam Affair!

DM - Motivation - Del May@Glam Affair Opening Gift XD
Originally uploaded by Del May

Limo to Del May@Glam Affair

New Lucky Board item and 4th July skin Gift

-Glam Affair- Sofia skin 4th July

A special Sofia skin with 4th July makeup is available in the subscribe'o'matic (close the landing point) as subscribe gift.
Today only!
It will be available in the Glam Affair Update group history notice (30L$ antispam fee) for those missing it.

-Glam Affair- Heather Ponytail

Lucky Board in th V.I.P. Room has been changed!

The prize for this month is -Glam Affair- Heather Ponytail, the waiting time is set on 5 minutes.

The board is available to our customers only (group tag needed), anyway a group joiner is available nearby (30L$ antispam entry fee).

Glam Affair@The Dressing Room #7

Glam Affair @ The Dressing Room #7

The new outfit Delia is a trendy ruffled shoulders body dress in black, yours for only 60L$.

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