It's Cuteness time with -Glam Affair- and ~Tableau Vivant~ !

Hello dear Ladies!

A new event just opened and it's so pink and cute and absolutely kawaii!

Cutie Moon Fair is a two week long event which takes its inspiration by the Sailor Moon anime we all know and love.

-Glam Affair- introduces here her new face, Brandi, a lovely fresh new face full of surprises. Brandi perfectly fits the manga style with her bold and colorful makeups; there’s six of them to choose from.

 Brandi is available in Artic, Asia, America and Jamaica tones, and you will be able to pick among 8 classic eyebrow colors (from blonde to black), and 5 pastel tone brows. A no brow option is also available in the pack.

On separate tattoo layers two extra nose shapes are available as well as 2 lipgloss styles and 12 lipstick colors.


For Cutie Moon Fair~Tableau Vivant~ introduces Moon, a breathtaking long and flowing rigged mesh hairstyle.

Moon is available in 6 packs each with a HUD in 14 tones the fatpack contain six huds with all the tones available at a special price for the event.

 For a perfect match with Moon hair we have created Moon headdress, an incredibly detailed hairpiece available in seven variations.

Moon headdress is sold separately and comes in two separate parts, left and right, and seven different variations inspired by Sailor Moon characters' names:
Princess, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Uranus.

Come to Cutie Moon Fair and check all the fantastic creations available!


But there's even more!!!
-Glam Affair- and ~Tableau Vivant~ are back for the new round of Fameshed!

-Glam Affair- brings you Dahlia, a romantic headpiece that will add a touch of spring to your favourite hairstyle.

100% original mesh, Dahlia is available in 12 stunning colors to match any outfit!

~Tableau Vivant~ does it again with style and introduces Valentin, a sleek unisex bob haircut.

Following the latest trends Valentin hairstyle is unrigged and can be adjusted via a resizer script.
Should you feel lazy instead, we have added four four pre-made shapes for an easier and faster fit:

- Regular - standard sizes head, 50 average on every head digit;
- Squash - rounder and smaller heads;
- Stretch - longer and larger heads,
- Male - will mostly fit average male head shapes.

As always our hair is sold in packs with a HUD in 14 tones; fatpack contain six huds with all the tones available at a special price for the event.

Come visit us at Fameshed!

-Glam Affair - Mokatana - The Diva ( FLF )

The very lovely skin Mokatana - in a new makeup - The Diva is available now for Fifty Linden Friday!

Gorgeous skin for a limited time at this price? Amazing!  You have until midnight SLT on Saturday to pick her up!  Don't miss out!

Taxi to Glam Affair

-Glam Affair- Romy for Skin Fair

Hello lovely ladies!!!

It's Skin Fair time and we've outdone ourselves with a massive massive release that includes a new skin, Romy plus there's appliers, appliers, appliers!

Romy is our new face, romantic and sophisticated, she will conquer your hearts just like she won ours!

When purchasing -Glam Affair- Romy skin (available in the Artic, Europa, Asia, America, India, Jamaica and Africa tones) you will receive the following:
- One Romy skin Base
- Five different cheek blushes on tattoo layer
- 6 different eyebrow styles on tattoo layer
- Nine different freckles and moles on tattoo layers  

You will be able to personalize and make your own version of Romy by purchasing all the extra tattoo layers available as described here below.

We have created three lines of eye makeups do suit different tastes, each containing 6 different eyeshadow styles: Color Line, Dark Line and Light line .

To match the eye makeups there are 7 juicy lip glosses and 4 lipstick packages (Temptation, Goddess, Flower and Fruit) each including 10 lipstick colors.

There are also an extra 5 nose styles to choose from!

Please note that all the extras such as Eyes Makeups, Lipsticks and Noses are sold separately and ARE NOT included in the skin package.

But there is more omg, can you believe it? We have appliers too!!!!!!!

We did listen to your pleas and at the skin fair with Romy you will find Loud Mouth appliers! You will be able to choose among 12 different gorgeous lipstick options!!

Plus we have appliers for the brand new SLink Visage mesh heads, so you will be able to wear Romy all the time! You can choose three different options of Romy to add to your SLink Visage heads, here's a preview!

Isn't Romy lovely?? She is waiting for you at Skin Fair!

-Glam Affair- & ~Tableau Vivant~ @ Collabor88 March edition

Hello ladies!

This month's Collabor88 theme is "Back to Business" and -Glam Affair- & ~Tableau Vivant~ are bringing you some great releases !

We listened to your many requests and at Collabor88 you will find a special edition of Sylvia in Jamaica tone; you will able to customize Sylvia in several ways with the many add-ons available

In the Sylvia Base skin package you will find a clean base skin with 8 eyebrow color options and also a no eyebrow version.
The available add-on packages which will allow you to combine Sylvia in several different ways are:

- 4 different eyebrow shapes in 8 colors
- 3 basic lip options
- 4 cheek options
- 3 nose options
- 8 eye makeups
- 3 lipstick packages containing each 8 different lipstick colors

Here's three examples of possible combinations:

(click on the picture to enlarge it)

 At Collabor88 you will also find a very professional and stylish mesh tote bag.

 - Glam Affair - Business Tote Bag comes in 8 fashionable colors that will be easily matched with your professional or casual outfits. Very detailed, with golden accents and studded bottom, -Glam Affair- Business Tote Bag will be the perfect stylish addition to your outfits!

But there's more!

~Tableau Vivant~  release is "Low", a unisex hairstyle that seen from the front could be mistaken for a medium-length do, but a closer look reveals a gorgeous low ponytail.

 he ladies and gents versions are sold separately and each are available in small and large size.
The accessory can be tinted via the 5 presets or using the color picker to select the shade that best suits your needs.

Each pack is sold with a HUD in 14 tones; fatpack contain six huds with all the tones available.

Come visit us @ Collabor88!

-Glam Affair- @ The Arcade Gacha March edition

Hello dear Ladies!

It's Arcade Gacha craze all over again! For the whole month of March our new skin, Aria will be available exclusively at the Arcade Gacha.

Aria is Glam Affair's most versatile skin to date, she comes in Asia tone and once you will have completed the collection by playing at the Gacha machine, you will be able to change Aria's face in countless ways.

The commons are 12 different combinations of Aria, each one with different makeup, nose shape, eyebrows, lips....

Then there are the rares packages which will allow you to make Aria your own with all the possible combinations:

- A base clean skin
- 7 different eyebrow shapes in  8 colors each
- 3 lipstick packages (Cosmo, Cupid and Vinta)
- 3 noses
- 6 eyeliners
- 5 freckles and 3 moles
- A pack of extras (3 lashes, 5 lip glosses, 2 eye circles and 3 face highlights)

Aside from the skins combinations and the base clean skin, all the add-ons are on tattoo layers.

But there's more, because with each skn package, the appliers for SLink hands and feet, Lolas Tango and Phat Azz are included.

Try your luck and win all Aria's Combinations and addons at The Arcade Gacha!

- Glam Affair - Fifty Linden Fridays

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Friday! We're back at Fifty Linden Fridays with another exclusive release!

Magenta for FLF comes only in Jamaica tone, it includes 8 eyebrow colors and is available only for a very limited time at just 50L$ How can you resist this gorgeous face?

Thank you and have a lovely weekend!
-Glam Affair-

-Glam Affair- New @ Collabor88 and L'Accessoires

Hello Ladies!

We're back again for another round at Collabor88 and once more we bring you news and surprises!
This month's Collabor88 is a special prom event so each permanent creator brought a date in to the mix, so get prepared for double the shopping fun.

Sylvia is our newest face that you will find at Collabor88, and it's our fist fully customizable skin to date, there's so many ways to wear her!

 Sylvia comes with a base in the America tone, the base is both browless and with 8 different eyebrow shades, but the fun starts with the customizations!
All the customization features come on tattoo layers and they are:

★ 3 basic lips
★ 4 cheeks
★ 4 eyebrow styles (each in 8 colors)
★ 3 noses
★ 8 eye makeups
★ 3 lipsticks types (each in 8 colors)

With all these options the combinations are countless and you will have a different Sylvia ready for each mood and occasion!

But there's more, we have created a romantic headpiece just in time for the upcoming spring, Bohemian Romance,

100% original mesh, Bohemian Romance with its plump delicate flowers and ornated with three strands of delicate pearls, is an indispensable accessory for your dashing spring looks.

Bohemian Romance comes in 10 fashionable and trendy colors.

Oh and we mentioned our prom date didn't we? Well, we thought about inviting Truth Hawks of Truth Hair to the round and he came up with a fantastic and superstylish boho hairstyle called Electra! We're sure you won't want to miss it!

Come visit this month's incredible round of Collabor88!

It's gacha craze on this round at L'Accessories, and for this occasion we have created two fun mesh eyeliner + eyelashes combos.

Star liner & Starlett Lashes come in 6 colors each and they're so lovely and fun that you will want to collect them all!

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